RELAWAN PEREMPUAN RZ ANTUSIAS ASAH SKILL BELA DIRIPEKANBARU. RZ Volunteers once again conducted Campus for volunteer, this time the campus for volunteer entitled ‘Martial Arts’. The event was attended by several female volunteers and conducted in the field of Annur Mosque Pekanbaru, Saturday (21/05).

These activities are guided by a karate athlete Pekanbaru as a black belt, Yulia Ika. Starting with some warming up, female volunteers seemed very enthusiastic in following every instruction given by Yulia.

Then proceed with some basic movements, namely in the form of stomach blow (oi chuki cudan), the head blow (oi chuki jodan), blocks the head (age ukek), parry the stomach from the outside in (ude uke), kick (meigeri), and committee application.

Yulia said, martial is important for self-defense. “Martial arts are useful to reduce the number of crimes that now so rife, especially on women. At least women can defend themselves,” said Yulia.

Besides Yulia, volunteers who are familiar with the martial, Hetri, stataed that by mastering martial arts, women in the future is no longer an easy target for crime.

“Women have to be master martial art so there is no more scary news about woman who become a victim as it is today,” said Hetri who often called Eet.

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