KAPUAS. Until Wednesday (19/07) flood was still hit some areas in three districts in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan. One area that is still submerged by flooding is in the village of Tapen, central Kapuas. This village was submerged because it’s located on the outskirts of the Kapuas Hulu river whose condition is still overflowing due to water delivery from upstream.

Paijo, chairman of RT 02 Tapen village said that flood with a height of about 50 centimeters has occurred since last week. And its condition is now gradually receding. “A week ago the water was more than a meter, lucky now it is gradually receding, but it could rise again if the river catches rain,” he told the volunteers.

Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Branch Banjarmasin directly distribute aid once they know the flood. They went from Banjarmasin on Wednesday morning and arrived at flood location at 15.00 WIB by taking land route, Banjarmasin-Palangkaraya-Pujon.

After arriving at the location, volunteers immediately coordinate with the village. “With a distance of about 500 kilometers of volunteer team of five people arrived at the site safely,” said Volunteer Coordinator of Rumah Zakat Banjarmasin, Misran Fauzi.
A number of donations in the form of food and sanitation items were handed over to the villagers.they slso distributed Superqurban corned beef.

The journey from Banjarmasin to the target beneficiary takes ± 8 hours. The road to Tapen village was quite difficult. This action made the villagers of Tapen impressed to Rumah Zakat Banjarmasin, one of them, Mustinah who was also one of the flood victims whose house was submerged said “I personally do not think Rumah Zakat from Banjarmasin want to come all the way to give aid, especially during the flood that happened in the last few days we have not got any help. All the best always for Rumah Zakat and its donor “, she said.


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