LAMPUNG. Condition of Kubu Perahu Village, RT 01 / RW 001 Kec. Behind the Hill, Kab. West Lampung on (30/11) has not been flooded because of the flash flood that occurred has receded. The debris and the wooden material of the remaining floods have been 99% cleaned by the surrounding community, so that the flood affected areas are already conducive as usual.

The village of Kubu Perahu is inhabited by about 96 families that total of all citizens amounted to 425 people. As a result of the floods there are about 5 homes that drifted by flood stream. In addition, there is a house that was washed away by floods there is also one person died due to falling victim tree collapsed before the flood.

Continuous rain never ends and the wind is fast enough to make at least 7 points of landslides and 4 trees alongside the falling road had hampered the volunteer team trip Rumah Zakat to the location affected by the flood.

“There is no evacuation done by local BPBD or local government because the location is far from the government area so that the lack of information even for communication signal was not affordable because of the location of the village in the middle of Bukit Barisan Forest Park. The team that helped clean up the debris from the flood is only the residents in the village by working together,” said Mr. Karyono (42), the head of RW Desa Kubu Perahu.

The assistance provided by Rumah Zakat Volunteers were basic food aid, and socilazitation to the community to be careful because of the weather conditions are still dangerous because of continuous rain and winds.

“Today we will distribute the basic food aid to the people of Kubu Perahu Village whose houses are affected by floods,” said volunteer of Rumah Zakat. “In addition there is urgent assistance needed by victims such as blankets and logistics in the form of rice, vegetables, dishes.” He added.


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