JAKARTA. Thursday (10/08), Rumah Zakat volunteers help provide food for 49 more refugees from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia. The immigrants with the status of refugees as well as those who remain asylum seekers survive in refugee camps since Tuesday (01/08) around Jakarta Immigration Detention Center in JL. Peta Selatan, West Jakarta.

The total of 6 volunteers provide assistance to the refugees in the form of mineral water and nutritious fruits such as bananas, pears, and red apples. It is hoped that this aid can maintain the health and well-being of refugees, especially women, children, and toddlers.

The condition of the refugees who are almost a week more in the refugee camps needs a lot of help, especially health and food aid. Immigration authorities hope that humanitarian agencies such as Rumah Zakat can help to overcome the problem of this immigrants matters. Currently, the refugees have been facilitated by the Immigration for 1-2 days later, but for the needs of eating immigration they can not help.

“Their presence is quite apprehensive, which in addition to the psychological pressure due to displacement and unclear process they face,” said Adnan, Director General of West Jakarta Immigration.

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