RELAWAN RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU SUKSESKAN PROGRAM BANTUAN SEPATU SEKOLAH PT BABARAFI DI SDN 2 GEBANGJEMBER (03/17). Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Surabaya implemented Shoes for School Assistance Program in SDN 2 Gebang located in Pucukan village, Sidoarjo, on Thursday, (03/16). This program is a form of cooperation between Rumah Zakat and PT. Babarafi. To arrive at this school, Volunteers must pass the trails with a fish pond on the right and left of the road. Several times the Volunteer Team stopped to give way to other road users in the opposite direction. Although they got lost, Tim Volunteers arrive safely at school was with the distance of 2 hours.

In today’s program, the Volunteer Team brings school packages namely shoes, socks, and a pencil. In addition, other donators also provided assistance in the form of notebooks, pens, and kid song CD which will be given to elementary students. The number of students in the school is only 15 people with the details: five children in first grade, 4 children in 3rd grade, and 6 children in 5th grade. Not only that, the team also carried the best toys that have been hired on Tuesday, March 14th last. These toys were distributed to 12 students of early childhood education along with bags, books, pens, and kid song CD.

Cheerfulness and joy radiated from these students. They are happy to get new shoes. Just look at the smile of Aprilia (7 years), Dafa (7 years), David (9 years), and Yuli (11 years) some students who got the shoes.

“I am happy. Thanks” Yuli said when asked how she felt when receiving the shoes.

Happiness of these children, there is one interesting thing that is captured by a team. It is their writings the ideals of every child who taped pictures of trees at the back of the class. These children have an ideal enormous. Some wanted to take his family to the streets of Jakarta, traveling to Europe, traveling the world, even many who want to go to Baitullah (mecca), go for hajj with their parents. Although their school is in the middle of the pond, away from the city, these children still have a high motivation to achieve their dreams.

“Children are a valuable asset owned by the nation. Therefore, the education of children must be considered. Including how children get an education and of course supporting tools of learning in school. Hopefully, with the distribution of shoes and school supplies Packages can add to the spirit of students of SDN 2 Gebang to learn. And hopefully Rumah Zakat and Volunteers can continue to inspire and to spread happiness “Volunteer Coordinator of Surabaya region, Andre Said

“Lastly we would like to thank PT. Babarafi and all donors who took part in this action,”  He said so

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