SUMBA. (26/04), One of Rumah Zakat Volunteers, Andre was selected as one of the delegates to follow YOUCAN Social Expedition Sumba NTT. In the expedition activities organized by YOUCAN on 23-28 April 2018 was in support by partners of Rumah Zakat namely PT. Babarafi Indonesia and other parties supporting the social program in Sumba.

The expedition begins with visiting at Matapyau Head of Village, Sumba Barat Daya Village, the second day of welcoming people and social mapping and socialization of the program that will be carried out by each division covering education, health, economy and environment. The educational program in this expedition is carried out in SD Satu Atap Wanowara.

In the expedition, Andre acted as the coordinator of the education division, carrying out educational activities such as learning calistung, english day, education, pancasila, culture and nationalism, motivation class and making hasta puppet gunungan with ideals, village cinema. Not only that Adre with his team set up a reading corner and contributed books reading for SD Satu Atap Wanowara.

“For me to serve in Matapyau Sumba Barat Daya many impression in the start of our programs education division received enthusiastically, especially the establishment of a reading corner program since the elementary school does not have a library and school children’s shoe sharing programs considering the students there totaling 295 students and not many wearing majority shoes wearing sandals and barefoot. Although the help we provide is still limited at least a little help, “said Andre.

He was grateful for the opportunity to serve in Sumba and thank PT. Babarafi Indonesia and Rumah Zakat which have supported some of the financing of YOUCAN Social Expedition Sumba program and thanks to friends, colleagues and all the elements that have helped him to do this expedition.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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