RELAWAN RUMAH ZAKAT JEMBER SOSIALISASI PROGRAM DI PRO 2 FM RRI JEMBERJEMBER. (16/03) Two volunteers of Rumah Zakat Jember back in action. This time action is not to run the program to spread the benefits to beneficiaries as usual, but the action is to socialize program of Rumah Zakat Jember Volunteer in Jember RRI Pro 2 FM. Two volunteers are Izza and Indah accompanied by RRI Jember broadcaster Kak Joefa on air at 8 a.m. to 9:00 in frequency of 89.5 Mhz. The broadcast this morning tells a lot about the ins and outs of Rumah Zakat and particularly Volunteers of Jember region, and programs that have been implemented and will be implemented.

In the first session that lasted approximately 15 minutes Izza and Indah discussed Rumah Zakat and Volunteer. As well as mentioning some volunteer work program, including, BnB (Buying and Sharing), Jumat menabung (Sharing meal package), Vogetos (volunteer goes to school), surprise blessing, the Light of Hope, GGS (Movement Scratch Trash) and Healthy care action.

In the second session, they reviewed the work programs which have been implemented since one year ago. Such as BnB program which is routinely carried out two months targeting hawkers as beneficiaries, and then Sharing meal package program is routinely held every Friday morning targeting the workers who started in the morning, as scavengers, pedicab drivers, homeless, and several other programs that have been realized.

“In the last session we review Vogetos program, a surprise blessing, the light of hope, GGS and Health care action” Said Izza

Indah explained “The essence of this broadcast is reported widely to the public related to the distribution of benefits from donators to beneficiaries and public awareness as well as invite Jember community to help ease the burden on the poor by becoming Rumah Zakat donator” She said so

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