PEKANBARU. Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru commemorate National Children’s Day on Monday (24/07) in SD Juara Pekanbaru. In the framework of the national children’s day, volunteers Rumah Zakat hold the activities of Indonesia Mewarnai with the theme “Alert, Creative and Mighty Noble Children “.

The students were also given education about natural disasters that often occur in Indonesia that delivered by Raja Ales, one of Rumah Zakat volunteer. In this educational material, He gvae visuals of disaster simulation videos and then explained about how disaster can happen, be avoided and overcome.

After the educational materials, the event continued with the core event of Indonesia Mewarnai. As for this time the colored sketch is the result of disaster education that has been given at the beginning of the event. For 1st and 2nd grades the images provided are firefighting gates, while for 3rd and 4th grades are sketched in the form of a volcano disaster. And for 5th and 6th grades are sketched more difficult drawings in the form of sketches of flood disaster images.

“Alhamdulillah all children are very enthusiastic joining this activity. They love to color it. And at the end of the event we announce the champion from each group. Children are getting more enthusiastic.” Said King Ales.


Newsroom / Fajri Sabti

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