relawan-rz-bantu-korban-terdampak-puting-beliung-di-manadoMANADO. A total of 108 houses in Binjeita II village, Bolangitang East District, North Bolaang Mongondow regency hit by typhoons which struck at around 17:00 pm, Tuesday (09/13).

In addition to homes, the wind also damaged two churches in the village Binjeita, village halls and offices, as well as the building of Early Childhood Education (ECD).

On Sunday (18/09) at 10:30 am Volunteer of RZ Manado channelled assistance to Binjeita II village in the form of instant noodles, rice, canned milk, cooking oil, canned fish, sugar, and snacks for the kids. This village is one of the villages near the coast were affected by a tornado and the area that has severe damage.

“The wind that came made us panic and could not do anything, we just watched housetops that fly under the wind, the wind vortex was not far from home, but we are grateful that there were no casualties from the disaster, “said om Ata.

According to data from government there are 109 families 431 people affected by the disaster, and about 41 homes were severely damaged, 28 houses were moderately damaged and 40 houses suffered minor damage, the damages is estimated about 1 Billion. There are also volunteers organized trauma healing for children, provide knowledge to children about safe places to take shelter when the accident occurred and motivate them to be grateful for the calamity that happened.

Newsroom/Nurdianto Run

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