RELAWAN RZ BANTU UNTUK KORBAN TERDAMPAK BANJIR BANDANG CICURUG SUKABUMISUKABUMI. Thursday (16/06) Volunteer of RZ Sukabumi distributed aid to people affected by flash floods that hit several villages in Cicurug village, Sukabumi. The ntura disaster that occurred on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 leaves sorrow for residents.

Some residents took refuge in emergency shelters set up by BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) established in Pondok Pesantren Al-Amin Nanggerang village Cicurug District, Sukabumi and there are also displaced at their relative.

“Hopefully, this helps the food supply for flood victims at the time of sahur and iftar. Given there are many victims who have not been able to perform cooking at home. “Reveal Kinang, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Sukabumi.

“In addition to refuge in shelters, some residents also seeking refuge in neighboring houses and their relatives. This is due to the condition of their homes are still filled with mud and broken in some parts. This flood disaster is the most severe than previous flood” Added Kinang.

After the delivery of aid in the post, we visited the homes of citizens affected by the floods at the same time finding out about the chronology of the disaster came.

“Around 16:30 the rain poured heavily, usually water in the river does not overflow but this is not at all what I expected before sunset the river water reached two meters. The furniture in my house floated carried by the water. I did not think saving any stuff, I preferred to save my wife and children to a higher place, it happened a few minutes before iftar. Citizens really worried “said Ali, one of the people who became victims of the flood disaster.

Dzikri, one of the children affected by the disaster said that he couldn’t do anything, as well as his mother, could only be crying to see his home swept away by the flood.

Volunteers tried to share the joy to children by playing quizzes to entertain them.

“Thanks Rumah Zakat,” said the children cheerfully.

Upon his return to the post, the volunteers participated in preparing the food for iftar for the flood victims. The latest news from BPBDs Sukabumi currently the data of refugees increases to 165 families with 725 people. Hopefully, more help is coming. According to BPBD’s Head of Logistics residents really need of food assistance, home furnishings, clothing, but the most urgent one is food and clothing.


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