RELAWAN RZ BEKASI GELAR LATIHAN DASAR KEPEMIMPINAN ORGANISASI CIKARANG Volunteers of RZ Cikarang conducted volunteer activity. Activities held this time is leadership basic training in organization, or better known as LDKO (Organizational Basic Leadership Training). LDKO aims to explore the character and leadership potential in each volunteer.

The activities held at Masjid Daarul Mubarok, Kp. Sempu, Ds.Pasir Gombong, Cikarang – Bekasi in which attended by 16 volunteers. In LDKO this time attended by four speakers, who would present materials about history of RZ, leadership, and organization, as well as volunteers also received religious materials for their ruhiyah provision.

Submission of LDKO materials held on Saturday (05/28) was preceded by Mr. Mukhofin as the representative of RZ to fill materials on the history of RZ and about Leadership. In the typical style of delivery, he instill that a leader must continue to learn tirelessly.

Almost similar to Mr. Mukhofin with different syle of delivering, Ustad Murja as local religious leaders, Mr. Irwansyah Saragih and Mrs. Robiatul al-Adwiyah as Senior Volunteers RZ Bekasi who was given the mandate to become speaker in LDKO this time, convey the material on Leadership in Islam, the leadership of the Organization Management and organization.

In organization management session, Mrs. Robi instill in volunteer about ‘Ibda Binafsih’ means Start from yourself, Similarly, the other speakers who gave a lot of Organizational Leadership knowledge.

In this LDKO, not only the material obtained for each volunteer, but there is also compactness and Leadership games were presented by Mr. Irwansyah Saragih to test the extent of teamwork and spirit leadership of each volunteer.

Slamet Siyamto, as coordinator of RZ Bekasi and chief executive of the activity, said that “this LDKO is great to increase knowledge for volunteers, in order to understand leadership in a volunteer organization.”

Newsroom / Slamet Siyamto

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