relawan-rz-berbagi-senyum-melalui-ekspedisi-superqurban-kediriKEDIRI. On Sunday (09/11) Volunteer of RZ Kediri sent its personnel to carry out Superqurban expeditions to Kalipang village, Hamlet Krampyang Tarokan. A total of 11 volunteers deployed into action from morning 09:00 a.m until 01:00 p.m.

This expedition covered by local TV, Dhoho TV for airing on News Program. 80 cans of Superqurban corned were distributed to villagers of Kalipang who majority underprivileged in RT 4, RT 01, RT 02, RT 03 and RT 04. The total number of Beneficiaries are 40

RZ Kediri’s volunteers team were divided into two teams to deliver Superqurban corned to 4 RT. Dusun Krampyang is a village located at the tip of the foothills of mount Wilis. Settlement Condition in the mountainous area is like a staircase steps, up and down, the road access is fairly easy, but it remains far from public facilities.

Most of the majority population livelihood is farm laborer,. Most of the house made of wooden planks, and dirt floors. Some homes of the beneficiaries have already received assistance from the government, from wooden renovated into bricks.

“Even in the atmosphere of Arofah fasting, it did not dampen our spirit to keep sharing, I am happy to be helpful like this, hopefully in the next action I can contribute more.” Said Bima (17) volunteer of RZ Kediri.


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