RELAWAN RZ BERIKAN RAGAM BANTUAN UNTUK WARGA DI BEKASIBEKASI. Volunteers of RZ Jakarta once again distributed aid to beneficiaries in Bekasi, The assistance covers basic needs, business assistance and health assistance given to 3 Beneficiaries, Monday (01/08) afternoon.

One of the beneficiaries is Mr. Yuyun. She who lives in Jl. Bekasi Timur, Jatinegara Kaum sub-district RT 05 RW 01, No. 6 Pulo Gadung District, East Jakarta living alone without a husband and children, so as to everyday life, she depends on the mother Entin who sell breakfast in the morning in front of her house. While Mrs. Entin selling cakes fried in a Mrs Entin’s stall.

Besides getting businesses assistance and groceries also get medical assistance. Ibu Yuyun is currently undergoing outpatient because of lumbago and earlier treatment of the lung that have been undertaken over the last 4 months.

Mrs. Yuyun is very grateful for the assistance given fromRZ “It’s really helps my medical expenses, because I also have no income. Hopefully donators and RZ getting the blessing of sustenance and you are given health who distribute and ease of sustenance as well.” said Mrs. Yuyun to RZ Volunteer.

Besides providing assistance to Ms. Yuyun, volunteers also provide business assistance and groceries to Mrs. Entin and lir.


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