RELAWAN RZ BERIKAN TRAUMA HEALING BAGI KORBAN SINABUNGMEDAN. Trauma healing is an action taken to help others to reduce or even eliminate the psychological disorder that is being experienced as a result of shock or trauma.

In connection with the eruption of Mount Sinabung various handling both physically and psychologically for the victims are necessarry. In addition to actively conduct evacuation and distribution of aid, RZ Volunteers also conduct Trauma Healing for children. It aims to eliminate the trauma experienced by them during a disaster.

On Thursday May 26 along with RZ Volunteers and Relawan Nusantara Medan held Trauma Healing action Sinabung eruption refugee camp, Multipurpose Building of GBKP Simpang Enam Kabanjahe.

“Besides playing, joking, sharing happiness and singing, we also brought salak for the kids. There were some refugees children hold tight and hugged us during the action.” Sugi Prawansyah said, Volunteer of RZ Medan.

Their memory still cannot forget the massive eruption that spewed ash in which blanketed homes, fields, schools and playgrounds in their hometown which is located in slopes of Mount Sinabung. Fond memories of their childhood in refugee camps now turned silent. They need treatment that can restore their psychological state. Hopefully with this Trauma Healing, children can go back to be cheerful and the trauma can be cured.

Newsroom/Sugi Prawansyah

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