RELAWAN RZ CIKARANG BERBAGI 1.000 BUAHCIKARANG. In commemoration of National Health Day which falls on November 12, 2015. Cita Health Foundation (CSF) Rumah Rakat distributed 1,000 pieces of Apples and Oranges to citizens of Cikarang baru. The distribution of fruit is channeled directly by Volunteer RZ Cikarang in the Botanical Garden, Jababeka on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

“Today Volunteer RZ Cikarang distribute 1,000 pieces consisting of oranges and apples to a Community of Senam Nusantara (Gymnastics archipelago community) . The fruit will be distributed after the completion of the senam nusantara (Gymnastic activity). After that, RZ will conduct free blood pressure measurement by the Volunteer Medical Team from RZ Cikarang.

Volunteers RZ Cikarang deliberately chose Botanical garden as a distribution point of fruit and conduct blood pressure measurement because in this place senam nusantara (Gymnastic activity) has been held regularly every Sunday morning. Community of Senam Nusantara has a good mission and consistent in maintaining physical fitness and health, and this in accordance with the National Health Day program launched by RZ” said Maryati volunteers RZ Cikarang who is in charge in this activity.

“Previously we had asked for permission to cooperate with the one whom responsible for gymnastic activity. Alhamdulilah they welcome this program, the program will be held exactly after the gymnastic activity, at 07.45 pm after conveying the purposes of this activity to the entire community in attendance, volunteer RZ Cikarang distribute the fruits. Then, the activity continues by measuring blood pressure. Alhamdulillah the activity went smoothly and the people are quite enthusiastic with this activity” added Maryati.

Meanwhile, Isman Nuryadin, the Community of Senam Nusantara instructor stated “Alhamdulilah today activity go well and the special thing is when the volunteers of RZ Cikarang distribute the fruit and conduct blood pressure measurements. This activity is quite good and positive for society in educating people the importance of consuming fruits and awareness of the importance of maintaining good health. For the future forward we expect that RZ and Community of Senam Nusantara can cooperate in conducting activities that are beneficial to society.

. “I am glad today after exercising, we receive free fruits From Rumah Zakat. Hopefully in the future Rumah Zakat become more successful and can hold more activities so that the benefits spread and received by numerous people” said Sry (28), residents who participate in the activities ***

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