RZ LDKO CilegonPONTIANAKIn order to enliven #HijaukanIndonesia# action, RZ Pontianak conducted tree planting last Sunday (29/11). This activity is greatest synergy events organized by volunteers of RZ Pontianak.
This action was followed by 21 volunteers and 73 representatives from HIMIKAWA UNTAN, HIMKA AMIK BSI, FTIK IAIN Pontianak, Gerakan Senyum Kapuas, MAPALA UNTAN, PRIMARAYA and BEM STIKES YARSI. The Participants gathered on Muhtadin mosque UNTAN yard at 06.30 am and then move to each location point , such as Muhajirin mosque North Pontianak, Taqwa mosque East Pontianak, Al Mustaqim mosque West Pontianak, Al Wahidiyah mosque South Pontianak, Nurul Iman mosque South Pontianak, and Al Muharrom mosque Pontianak City.
The numbers of seeds distributed are 334 rods consisting of a mango tree, mahogany, robusia, yellow broccoli, guava, mangosteen, and sengon. Tree planting action was welcomed by local residents, as expressed by a Neighbourhood leader of RT 02 / RW 12 South Pontianak, Mr. Mujid, “The event was very positive, very useful and is expected to be carried out every year,” he said.

One of the participants, Wardianto (MAPALA UNTAN) said that this event is very beneficial to people and the environment itself. “With this tree planting, it will provide freshness and can produce oxygen for the environment”. This action concludes with an evaluation of activities at 10:00 am. ***


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