RELAWAN RZ HADIAHKAN 40 AL QURAN DAN IQRO UNTUK PKMB AL FALAHBEKASI. RZ Bekasi Volunteer channeled 40 Syiar Quran and Iqro package commonly abbreviated SQ, to Yayasan ummu amanah Sekolah PKBM Al Falah, located in Cikiwul Sumur Batu village, Bantar Gebang. The distribution Implemented on Friday (06/24) to coincide with the distribution of report cards of Yayasan ummu amanah’s foster children. We accelerate the distribution two days due to school holidays.

The journey to PKBM Al Falah is truly extraordinary, volunteers had to cross the piled up of garbage in landfill (Landfill) Bantar Gebang, which is now known as TPST (Final Waste Disposal), because the school is very close to TPST.

The Children who go to PKBM Al Falah don’t have to pay any cost, and there are three levels ranging from early childhood, elementary and junior high school. Based on data children who attend school nearly 90% came from poor families, where the livelihoods of their parents are scavengers. Moreover student of CLC also received informal education, namely Japanese language, because every week they practice Japanese.

“Thanks to the RZ for the attention in the form of the Quran and Iqro” Said Mr. Khairul as Principal.

We also feel the strong spirits of the outstanding teacher, in educating their children in school very simple building, plus the numbers of green trees that make us momentarily forget that these schools turned out to be close to landfill.

“May God repay donators who already donate to RZ, one through Syiar Quran.” Said Nurannida, RZ Volunteer


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