relawan-rz-kembali-bantu-korban-longsor-kuninganKUNINGAN. On Wednesday (01/04) Volunteers of RZ Cirebon distributed 100 cans of SuperQurban corned for the soup kitchen at earthquake location in Cilayung village Ciwaru subdistrict, Kuningan district, West Java as well as conduct an assessment for further action and aid delivery.

As a follow-up action on Thursday (01/05) Volunteer of RZ Cirebon back aid to landslide victims in the form of a pack of 10 tea bags, 80 kg of rice, 26 boxes of mineral water, 25 kg of eggs, 48 pcs pampers, 20 kg of cooking oil, 10 kg sugar, 2 pack soy sauce, 2 boxes of biscuits, 1 box of coffee, 3 boxes of milk. Besides that volunteers also distributed vegetables and spices, an additional 400 cans of corned Superqurban and clothing.

Besides distributing the aid, volunteers also distributed biscuits and wafer directly for children in the post evacuation.

Mr. Danta, as the village chief Cilayung expressed his thanks for the help provided by RZ volunteers. “Alhamdulillah, thanks for your help, from Cirebon came here to bring relief to the people affected by the disaster.” he said.


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