RELAWAN RZ MAKASAR SALURKAN SYIAR QURAN DI MAKASSARMAKASSAR. (06/11) RZ Makassar through its volunteers implemented the distribution Syiar Quran package in TK / TPA Al Muttaqin Paccerakkang district. Biringkanaya Makassar. The distribution is the second times in the first week of Ramadan to channel 8 Syiar Quran package (SQ).

This activity opened by MC followed by Quran recitations to open the event. Speeches were delivered by a representative of RZ Volunteer and also Head of TK / TPA Al Muttaqin Mrs. Nurzakiah.

“Thanks to RZ Makassar for the assistance given to us in the form of the Qur’an and Iqra” This assistance is greatly we needed, and hopefully donators RZ Makassar in bestows sustenance, given the long life and always healthy” Said Mrs. Nurzakiah happilly.

Moreover, Humaira qalbi Nurul familiar call Nurul, very pleased and happy for having had the Qur’an.

“Thanks Volunteers of RZ Makassar who has given Quran to me. I would be more courage to read it and hopefully one day later I could become a Hafiz Quran, aamin.” He said when received the Quran.

Nurul qalbi Humairah is steadfast students. 9 years old child had left by her beloved father and now Nurul lives with her mother and her siblings , Nurul is the second child from 3 siblings and her mother works as a Housewife with tentative income, but family circumstances do not make Nurul give up to learn, even nurul has wanted to be a doctor and hafidz Quran.


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