RZ LDKO CilegonBANJARNEGARA. Recently, the volunteers of RZ re-assisted the evacuation process of landslide victims, Saturday (20/12). Lately, 91 dead bodies were discovered. In addition, they also gave trauma healing treatment to the refugees especially children.

Up to December 20th 2014, RZ has successfully distributed 22 cartons of baby diapers, 57 cartons of decent cloth, 13 units of shovel, 109 pieces of blanket, 224 packages of toiletries, 21 pieces of sarong, 11 pairs of shoes, 14 units of hoes, 19 packs of sanitary napkins, 19 pieces of baby pacifier, 24 pieces of mat, 13 packs of underwear, 134 bottles of eucalyptus oil, 24 pieces of towel, 20 pieces of pillow, 1 carton of writing book, 32 pieces of Quran, 20 pairs of sandals.

In addition to logistic assistance, RZ also distributed food aids namely 1680 cans of Superqurban corned, 36 liters of cooking oil, 236 packs of biscuits, 29 boxes of baby milk, 705 kg of rice, 200 cans of sardines, 1008 boxes of UHT milk, 127 boxes of baby porridge, 77 cartons of mineral water, 93 cartons of instant noodle, 780 packs of white bread, and 358 cans of condensed milk.

In sha Allah, RZ will prepare or implement the recovery program of Banjarnegara. Currently, the recovery team is conducting recovery mapping process,” Herlan Wilandariansyah, National Volunteer Committee Head, said. ***


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