RZ LDKO CilegonACEH. Flood that hit Aceh Singkil regency, Aceh is getting worse. Residents choose to remain in their homes, no activities can be done. Tuesday (12/15/2015), most people choose to remain in their own homes because they worry if their houses are looted. According to Amansah, one resident, refugee camps provided by the Singkil district Government is very far from the residence.

Sartika stated that today the citizens urgently need supplies of food, clean water, and dry clothes. Therefore, their goods were damaged by the floods. About 5,000 people in five districts in Aceh Singkil are flooded.

The worst flood occurred in Singkil district, the water height up to three meters. Besides soaking thousands of homes, the floods also cut off the road to Singkil district so that residents had to use canoes.

As a form of concern for others, yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, 12.15) RZ Medan Volunteers who have easier access and closer move to the location along with the groceries aids with the details: 200 kg of rice, 1 bunch of eggs, 20 boxes of mineral water, 61 canned sardines, 48 kg of sugar, 36 L of cooking oil, 240 sachets of milk, 10 boxes of instant noodles, the dye, baby diapers, sanitary napkins and soap.

“Thank God, RZ Medan want to share in Singkil and help directly, this is the first institution which arrive in the location and directly distribute the aids besides BPBDs and Dinsos” said Mr. Mulyadi, ST BPBDs. ***


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