RELAWAN RZ SEMARAKKAN 17 AGUSTUS DI SEKOLAH MARJINALPEKANBARU. Seeing the condition of food shortages in almost all students in the School Smart Pokjar Sukajadi, Volunteer RZ On Thursday (18/08) distributed 160 cans of corned SuperQurban to students at this school.

Besides that RZ Volunteers also assess that the economic level of parents of school is still low. This is evident from the existence of students who walk home and go to school from Kubang to Kualu, Panam.

Besides distributing 160 SuperQurban corned, in commemoration of 71st Indonesia Independence Day, RZ Volunteer also provide motivation for students in this school in order to honor the heroes and studied harder even though they are less fortunate and do not have considerable cost to study in more appropriate school.

Not only that, RZ Volunteers also provides knowledge about Student alert to Disaster (PSB). PSB is a basic material of first aid in dressing the wound when there is a light or medium injuries on the body.

RZ volunteers also conducted the race to enliven 71st Indonesia Independence Day. The race conducted such as blowing a balloon up to eating crackers. Students enthusiastically followed the activities carried out by RZ Volunteer.

“We should also pay attention to marginal schools like this, because they are still eager to attend school, but did not have a cost and only school in the school for free but lacking in amenities and far away from their homes. They are the nation’s future, “said Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Pekanbaru, Fajri Sabti. ** (Rls)

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