RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. Volunteer of Rumah Zakat (RZ) held a mass action for women shampooing Rohingya refugees in post Langsa. Special activities carried out by women volunteers in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Volunteer Coordinator Zakat House, Herlan Wilandariansyah said mass shampooing services are intentionally given to refugee women to clean their hair that has not been washed, where they are difficult to wash themselves.

“A total of 50 refugee women alternately cleaned hair by women volunteers. To clean it was not using regular shampoo, but a special shampoo to clean the animal lice nesting in your hair, “said Herlan Wilandariansyah, Saturday (23/05/2015), as reported by [1.99901 million] porch.

In addition, Zakat House volunteers began building a fit and healthy post for refugees and for volunteers from the various communities that are being served in refugee camps. In the post RZ will prepare fresh food and refreshments, massage services and free clothes washing.

This service is not only for refugees, but also volunteers who served at the site. Branch Manager Zakat House Aceh, Riadhi, Sunday (24/5) to thank the entire community that has been delivering aid to Rohingya refugees through these institutions.

“Public confidence through Zakat House is very beneficial for the Rohingya refugees. Keep on praying that we remain trustful and professional, “he concluded.

Source: http://islamnewstoday.com/zakat-house-hold-mass-shampooing-rohingya-refugees/

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