RELAWAN RZ SIGAP BANTU KORBAN KEBAKARAN SAMARINDASAMARINDA.Thursday (04/08) at around 03:20 to 04:50 PM there has been a fire at Jl. Youth 3 blocks G RT 11 Temindung Permai sub-district, Sungai Pinang district, Samarinda.

In the disaster as many as 10 buildings consisting of four detached houses, 6 Bangsalan building consisting of 32 doors and a mosque have been badly damaged, 2 single housing units light Damaged, 5 residents suffered minor injuries and 150 residents become homeless.

In an effort to assist and ease the pain of the residents, 6 Volunteers of RZ Samarinda moved swiftly to the location to provide assistance in the form of 150 cans of SuperQurban corned and wearable clothes.

“What are needed now are school uniform for the kids so that they still can attend school” Stated Mr. Sunardi as head of fire post.

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