RELAWAN RZ SYIARKAN QURAN DI TPQ AL KAUTSAR On June 7 2016, 5 RZ volunteers channeling one of RZ’s Ramadan product which is Syiar Qur’an to TPQ Al Kauthar in Jl. Supit Urang, Malang. In Syiar Qur’an package there are many Holy Quran and also Iqro book that is ready to be distributed.

Although it was raining heavily, RZ Volunteer stay motivated to go to Malang precisely to landfill Suping Urang, where TPQ Al Kauthar placed. RZ Volunteers choose TPQ Al Kauthar as a distribution target because the location adjacent to landfills that normally go unnoticed, this TPQ was apparently have the incredible vision and mission.

TPQ Al Kauthar development history originated from a concern of citizens on the delays mosque youth regeneration there eventually spur a reaction of citizens to build a TPQ with one purpose, which is to continue to keep the baton of dawah.

At their own expense, without charges and capitalize sincerity of one of the people that allowed his house to be used as a place of TPQ activity, then finally TPQ Al Kauthar is running.

Although less than one year, they’ve been able to show concrete evidence of the results of their upbringing. In this TPQ we can find imam and young muezzin, no imam and muezzin is old. It shows that the youth here have a high motivation to prosper the mosque.

But behind it all, there is one new thing in mind, “After surveying it turns out that TPQ Al Kauthar need Quran and Iqro books in considerable amounts. Therefore we distribute Syiar Qur’an program in the first week here. The activities started from 16.00, opened by Ustad Edi as the Homeowners and caregivers of TPW, then the activity of learning for the students, and the photo session and closed with iftar “said Anto, RZ Volunteer.

“Hopefully with the help of Quran, the children are increasingly eager to learn and become the next Quranic generation and from them hopefully Islamic could be a mercy for all creatures. Thanks RZ. “Close Mr.Edi as caregivers of TPQ Al Kauthar.


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