RELAWAN RZ TANGGAP BANTU KORBAN TERDAMPAK BANJIR LONGSOR DI ANYERBANTEN Floods and landslides swept through Sinda Mandi village, Anyer – Banten.

Isolated Residents are in seven villages consisting of Garung, Betel, Simuara, Cipedang Sawah Anam, Sawah Wetan, Bulaga Serang and Labuan Mancak Sigeru village by covering about 1500 residents. So far there are only some 500 people to be evacuated. A total of approximately 1,000 residents and 500 homes destroyed approximately 54 homes.

In addition, the bridges are down, so that five people have been evacuated with the help of a rope. As for the things that the residents need now is food, clothing and clean water and a medical team.

On Monday (07/25) RZ Volunteers have distributed food aid in the form of 120 cans of SuperQurban corned beef and mutton. To get to the location can spend about 4 hours.

Most Residents lost dozens of motorcycles and cars that go drifting by flood, but has so far found no casualties. For the needs of recovery efforts so far required the construction of mosques, roads and bridges were affected by landslides.

“This is part of our concern, after getting information of this catastrophe, yesterday (Monday, 7/25) volunteers of Cilegon RZ directly went to the location for assessments as well as providing assistance. And today (Tuesday, 07/26) volunteers of RZ Cilegon returned to the scene to help residents. “Said Fauzul Umam, RZ Volunteers who go to the site


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