relawan-rz-tebar-kebahagian-di-tengah-sengketa-karawangJAKARTA. Land dispute cases that occurred in the western Karawang involving four villages include Warajaya, Sukaluyu, Margamulya and Margakarya. The majority of citizens in all four villages are farmers, but its fate now collapsed due to a land dispute with a company.
STR (National Farmers Union) to take the case to Legal Aid Jakarta, but due to the government’s follow-up is still no clarity, farmers in all four villages were forced to flee in the center of LBH Jakarta on Jl. Diponegoro, Menteng, Central Jakarta since 13 November to 15 November.

They set up tents around Legal Aid Jakarta office for shelter. The tents are of course very unfit to be a place to stay because their numbers are not small, 187 souls were 31 of them are children, there are 4 tents, 3 tents for shelter and 1 tent for the public kitchen.

Volunteers of RZ West Jakarta did not remain silent about these conditions, the volunteers distributing aid to victims of land disputes which are being displaced in Legal Aid Jakarta. As for the assistance provided include vegetables, 50 kg of rice, 200 cans of SuperQurban corned, and storybooks for children.

“Not only distributing our basic food distribution came down to entertain children so that children can get back smiling.” Said RZ volunteer. Some of the games played are ular naga panjang, funny fairytale, guessing quiz, learn to read. ” Alhamdulilah , everyone is very pleased with our arrival.” He continued.

” Alhamdulilah and thank you so much for the help given by RZ, we are very grateful hopefully RZ and volunteers are always given the success so that the aspires can be achieved.” Said Gimin (21), citizen of Karawang.

One of the children who are also refugees also expressed the hope, “Please come here again tomorrow, we play again and learn to read again so we are not bored and so I can be clever.” Said Rahmat (12).

Newsroom/Nur Lutfiyana

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