RELAWAN RZ WUJUDKAN MASYARAKAT SIAGA BENCANA DI BOGORBOGOR. In an effort to minimize the occurrence of a disaster and as efforts to reduce the impact of the disaster, early prevention efforts need to be done. Prevention efforts that can be done are various, one of which is to provide disaster education to the public.

As disaster risk reduction efforts, on Friday (05/06), RZ Bogor Volunteers organized Community Disaster Preparedness Program.
This event was held in Cilendek Timur districts RW 10 Bogor Barat, Bogor.

This event was attended by dozens of participants from Karang Taruna ( youth organization), KWT (Women Farmers Group), Posdaya Cempaka (Family Empowerment Post) and local residents.

This activity began with the provision of material about Preparation to face disaster delivered by Hasanah, one of RZ volunteers.

Followed by the next material is about how society should manage trash and benefits of bio-pore.

“Don’t carelessly discarded waste because it could clog the flow of water resulting in flooding. Split into three groups, namely organic, inorganic, and residue so that it can be used again.” Hasanah said in the delivery of the material.

After materials are delivered, residents were then invited to go down directly in the manufacture of bio-pore and then continued with free health checks.

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