KEBUMEN. Wednesday (24/05) Forum Remaja Masjid Baitus Salam (FORISMA) Blater, Poncowarno, Kebumen held a Tarhib Ramadhan at Baitus Salam Mosque. The study, which was attended by 24 teenagers, aimed to revive the youth activities of the mosque while welcoming the holy month of Ramadahan.

Attending the event were representatives of Teens Mosque, Community Leaders, as well as Kyai Wasito as lecture for this study. The study was the result of the initiation of Amad Syarifudin, the Empowered Village Facilitator Rumah Zakat.

“I want teenagers in Blater Village to be passionate in searching for religious knowledge, and this study we held together with FORISMA as a start to revive the youth activities of the mosque. We deliberately take the moment before Ramadan to teenagers more excited again “said Syarifudin.

The event opened with remarks delivered by Risang Purnawan Nugrahanto, Chairman of FORISMA and K.H Itmam Baedhowi as Representative of Young Guardian. In his speech, Risang and K.H. Itmam Baedhowi both invites teenagers to rejoice and excited in welcoming the glorious month of Ramadan.

“Study religion is not only the task of small children who are still in elementary school, but the friends who have been in junior high and junior high school should also remain study their religion, in order to fortify themselves and not participate in activities that are less useful,” said K.H. Itmam Baedhowi.

In his lecture on the Tarhib Ramadan Study, Kyai Wasito reminded the teenagers of a hadith of the Prophet (s), “Whoever rejoices in the coming of the month of Ramadan, Allah will forbid his body to go to hell.”

From this Hadith we are encouraged to prepare and rejoice in the coming of Ramadan. Kyai Wasito also analogized that Ramadan is like metamorphosis a butterfly. Initially the butterfly is just a worm, but with runs of the time the caterpillar is fasting. Then it transforms into a cocoon and eventually becomes a beautiful butterfly.

The event continued with a discussion of teenage mosques for activities during the month of Ramadan. It also discussed the empowerment activities of youth mosque which is part of the Empowered Village Program Rumah Zakat. Cultivation of Catfish for boys and the production of chocolate characters for girls .

Newsroom / Amad Syarifudin

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