New year’s most common resolutions tend to be about life goals such as losing weight, eating healthier foods or exercising more. But most people fail to follow up on their resolutions because they are very general and non-specific.

That’s where science can help because with specific science-based resolutions, you can increase the chances of changing lives in the New Year. These are some favorite resolution ideas, all supported by recent science, as quoted from Science Alert.

Something to do with diet, productivity, and some are designed to help you maximize your happiness.

  1. To help you lose weight, eat healthier foods and feel better, and improve sleeping habits.

Recent research has shown that getting enough sleep makes it easier to avoid unhealthy foods, keep the excess body weight, and the key to psychological health. To improve sleeping habits, experts recommend sleeping and waking at the same time each night, improving the sleeping environment, and avoiding the screen at least half an hour before bedtime.

  1. Often moving

Exercise not only improves heart health, increases sex drive, while improving mood and sleep habits, but new research shows exercise helps the brain stay optimum, improve memory, and combat cognitive impairment. The trick starts from finding out a good workout resolution for you.

  1. If on schedule, make cardio exercises in the morning as a new habit

The morning workout is not for everyone, but experts say morning exercise is good for the heart and gets the morning sun. According to recent research shows the morning is the best time to exercise and lose weight.

To provide motivation, experts recommend choosing a sport that has real goals like racing, training with a friend and making it competitive.

  1. The best practice resolution is something that can continue to be done

Experts recommend finding activities you love to make them part of life. Some people choose rock climbing, running, or swimming. If necessary, join the football club. Team and competition elements will keep you going with practice.

  1. If you try food for New Year, choose healthy food

Try to reduce sugar consumption. Sugar consumption is stronger associated with heart disease and overall risk of death. If you want a diet, reduce sodium, sugary foods, and red meat to whole grains and lean protein.

  1. Another way to improve health is to set what you drink

A healthy resolution is to reduce or eliminate the sodas or sugary drinks from your diet. Consumption of excess sugar increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. In addition, avoid alcohol. Alcohol is associated with diabetes risk, lower cognitive decline and cancer risk.

  1. If you want to be more productive, rest and reduce work

Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson says most humans can only do heavy work for four or five hours at a time, not eight, ten, or 12 hours. When the energy runs out, you have to get up and walk or do something else to really give a rest on the mind. In the long run, if possible you better manage to work less each hour every week.

  1. If you want to improve, decide to start reading regularly

Psychological evidence says reading literary literature can make it easier to empathize with others or to imagine other lives in the world. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet often attribute their success to book reading habits.

Pick a book for a month or a week. Choose also the theme of the book you like. You can also join the book club and adds your reading motivation by chatting with friends.


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