By: Endy Kurniawan
One of the fundamental differences between MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) in Indonesia when compared with similar enterprise in the middle class and the advanced countries are in the habit of doing research before starting a business. To create a business that has a good position in the market, they are accustomed to answer a question first: what problems do you help to solve?

One more fundamental question: What for your company exist? What Consumers pain will you kill? Naturally, they do this because even it is only a small business from scale of financial capital, thinking that a business must have a competitive advantage that have been taught from the beginning at entrepreneurship classes. The company or its products need to be unique. Competition is very tight.

Why we should have a competitive advantage? So as the businesses are durable and have a high value, the distinctiveness of products, differentiating advantage, or the advantage of being the first player and the market value is the primary determinant value for a business. Moreover, nowadays, when all products, research results even business model is very easy to imitate, and the added value which is expected by the consumers is not the distinctiveness of products. Don’t just merely say: JUST GO ONLINE! CLOTCH SELLING, COME ON GO ONLINE! CULINARY BUSINESS, COMEON GO ONLINE!
And do not imagine the research is expensive, complicated and time consuming. Today, many small research providers who can get paid to do specific research about market behavior, for example, or the competition that occurs in specific business areas. Even independent research can be done via the internet, considering any further information available and accessible in the search engines. If you want to be more serious, it can be more than that, for example, buys the results of research that has been sold by the research institute with affordable price.
Is it just for the business we need to do research? No. Education needs research, whether we as teachers or teaching participants, as a enrichment process of occupied science. Politics need research. How does your political party leaders or the public perceived? How is the public acceptance of the program and offers (offering) of your party? If in the digital era and equality of access to the information we used to move without any study or research, it’s terrible.


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