SIGI. That afternoon a child around the Rumah Zakat – Adaro public kitchen in Lolu Village, Sigi Biro Maru sub-district, Sigi district. His name is Riski, it’s been 9 years or not. Riski is an extraordinary child. Even though he is no longer attend school, every day he divides his time to go to learn Quran, does not forget to pray and his routine helps the grandmother to sell her merchandise.

By walking around lolu village road, with enthusiasm and sincerity Riski sells mung bean ice and chocolate ice. Selling can take a whole day. Riski admitted that he rarely play, join his friends to play, he also told Rumah Zakat volunteer that he had been left by his parents since he was little.

“I now live with my grandmother in a refugee camp, my parents have died when I was 3 years old, raising and looking after me now is my grandmother. If I play with friends it means that I can’t help my grandma to sell these ices,” Riski told Rumah Zakat Volunteers.

Many lessons can be taken from the story of Riski. So which of your Lord’s Favors do you deny, God still equips your parents with you, God still gives you Treasure and many families, but you still complain. Thank God the blessing of Allah.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini


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