. The basic principle of environmental management is to be preceded by changes in how we perceive and manage waste. The paradigm of waste management relying on the final approach is needed to be abandoned and replaced with a new paradigm of waste management. The new paradigm is perceiving waste as resources that have economic value and can be utilized. This is in fact directly proportional to how we perceive environmental management.

In order to optimize environmental management in Jembrana, the Vice Regent of Jembrana Bali, Mr. I Md. Kembang Hartawan, SE, MM. along with the entourage of the entire Village Head of Jembrana District of Bali Province conducted a comparative study on environmental management at HSBC Bank – Rumah Zakat assisted village namely Kelurahan Margorejo Rt 04 / Rw 03 Wonocolo Sub-district of Surabaya on Monday, (25/02).

Surabaya is chosen because Surabaya is famous for its waste processing and the environment is good. Surabaya as one of the metropolitan city able to carry out environmental management very well, the locals are able to make the trash as source of income, because it can be produced into a useful item that has a sale value. Such as, crafts, fertilizers and others.

The visit was held in 2 villages namely Kelurahan Jambangan and Kelurahan Margorejo. These two urban villages are the places of comparative study which last year became Champion in Green & Clean hygiene competition.

During a visit in Kelurahan Margorejo Rt 04 / Rw 03, Vice Regent of Mr. Kembang Suharta appreciate the environmental management programs that have been implemented especially in biopori system, waste water management (IPAL) and reycle of waste recycling from used bottle to flower decoration.

“Thank you, HSBC Bank and Rumah Zakat have given trash recycle skills training, the result can be proud in front of the Vice Regent of Jembrana Bali,” said Yuni, coordinator of Margojoyo Trash Bank.

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