Indonesian independence has many meanings for the people of Indonesia. Each person commemorates it in various ways. Some expressed it through the flag ceremony, the typical Augustus competition, festivals, decorations and so on. All for the sake of showing one spirit, namely the love of Indonesia.

Rumah Zakat as one of Indonesia’s best philanthropic organizations is also not left behind to express that love. This time to coincide with the moment of Indonesian independence, Rumah Zakat again held Rona Nusantara with the theme “Towards a Superior Indonesia, Disaster Resilient.”

Nurmansyah as Chairperson of Rona Nusantara 2019 explained that Rona Nusantara is an activity to attract young people to share knowledge, experiences and their time in this charming countryside of Indonesia.

“At this Rona Nusantara event, young people can also increase their love for Indonesia which has attractive natural tourism potential, while on the other hand understand that Indonesia is a supermarket of disaster.” He explained.

The event held this August 16-18, 2019 will take place in the fostered village of Rumah Zakat namely Desa Berdaya Beringin, Kec. Serumbung, Kab. Magelang, Central Java, which has natural beauty, especially for its rafting tourism. Until now there have been 23 Youth from all over Indonesia who have joined in this event.

What distinguishes this special Rona Nusantara Independence from the previous events is the existence of special independence activities consisting of flag ceremonies, disaster education, and village roaming.

Rona Nusantara throughout 2018 collaborated as well with the Ministry of Tourism through the co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia and this year the cooperation with Wonderful Indonesia continues. We aim to expand the potentials of the Beringin Village to be known in Indonesia and in the world.


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