DEMAK. Rumah Zakat again held 11th Rona Nusantara Program in Ngrapah Hamlet, Sampang Village, Kec. Karang Tengah, Demak Regency, Central Java. The event which was participated by 18 participants was held on 23-25 ​​March 2018.

Ngrapah Hamlet was chosen as the venue of Rona Nusantara because the economic level of the people Ngrapah Hamlet is middle to bottom. In addition, the level of education Sampang village people on average only elementary school graduates, namely as much as 54%.

Rona Nusantara Rumah Zakat Program is present to conduct various sharing actions in Sampang Village through Education and Social Activity. Participants of Rona Nusantara held a Bakti Pendidikan action in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Roudlotussibyan, 121 students attended the event.

“In our class we made a science experiment of Mount Merapi eruption, we made volcano from Vinegar and Soda, they kept it with enthusiasm very enthusiastically,” said Desi, one of Rona Nusantara participants.

In addition to education activity, the participants of Rona Nusantara do social action, such as Health Action. Sampang village people get free health facilities such as blood pressure checks, blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid check. In addition, people in the village can exchange trash with plant seeds.

The last day, the participants made a trip to the beach of Bulusan, the aroma of perfumes at the same time doing the beach clean-up action by picking up garbage around the beach. The activity of Rona Nusantara ends with religious traveling at Demak Grand Mosque.

Sri Agustina / Lailatul Istikhomah

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