RONA NUSANTARA SOLIDARITAS UNTUK KAMPUNG CIPULUS, DESA PETANI PADI GOGOSUKABUMI. (2/2) On 25-27 February 2017 RZ Volunteer and InspiraTV took 12-hour journey from  Sukabumi town to Cipulus Hamlet, Desa Sinar Resmi Cisolok district, Sukabumi, West Java to implement Rona Nusantara Program. Rona Nusantara is RZ Volunteer program in cooperation with InspiraTV to Navigate and explore the beautiful corners of Indonesia with the humanist side. Besides exploring nature this program also raised the peculiarities of the implementation area. The Core program in Rona Nusantara which is always held is aid delivery including basic needs of the village, educational assistance, Superqurban corned distribution, Quran package distribution, teaching and hold competition in elementary school, and organize village cinema.


To get to the village, there are three accesses to reach Cipulus Hamlet, 14 Km from SBH (Samudra Beach Hotel) with a damaged road condition, 17 Km through Cicadas terminal with damaged road condition and 25 Km from Lebak Regency Banten province with pretty good road condition. Throughout the trip several times the second car of Rona Nusantara Team experienced tire skid and should be in tow for quite extreme road conditions. Some emergency bridges and landslides also have to pass by the team, luckily that Tim brought equipment such as hoes, machetes, rakes, scope, saws, and senso.


In Cipulus Hamlet, almost all the residents are farmers of Gogo Paddy with medium economic level. Customs and traditions are still strong, no millers, no gas stove. If they want to eat, residents worked together to pound paddy by using a mortar in a special place that is deliberately created by village elders and to cook residents still rely on firewood stoves. The only toilet in the village is located in the Mosque which is in very poor condition as a result the toilet cannot be used because of faulty plumbing and not standard sanitation.


Additionally in Cipulus Hamlet there is an early childhood (PAUD) with a concerned condition so that KBM transferred to SD Cicemet, Puskesmas and Posyandu activities also switch to Meeting Hall because of the condition of the building is not good. While from the village to SD Cicemet, residents must travel a distance of 2 KM on foot.


The facilities are also very simple, the library integrates with the office with not much book in the library. In the same place there is also MD (Madratsah Diniyah) which consists of two classes and only staffed by three teachers and MD’s status is only joined in SD Cicemet. For electricity, the residents rely on turbines. Only a few homes got electricity from PLN.


By bringing humanist mission to help Cipulus Hamlet residents, Rona Nusantara Team carried out several such agenda, toilet improvement work together with local residents as replacement toilet door, installation of the hose from the water source along the 200m, installation of sewage pipes as well as repainting the toilet. In the educational mission team was making libraries by providing a bookcase and books. To entertain children in SDN Cicemet Rona Nusantara team also organize competitions and distribute the shoes to the students. No less exciting, the cooking race made of corned Superqurban at the same time distributed 700 cans of Superqurban for residents was conducted and entertainment such as village cinema were organized for the villagers.


“I am pleased and proud to be incorporated in Rona Nusantara program, although the terrain we through is not easy. But I am satisfied that I can share happiness to the people of Cipulus hamlet. Beautiful places are hidden, and in those places we can find many brothers and sisters who need our help “. Said Desi Volunteer Coordinator of Sukabumi


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