ACEH. “Kak, if I have joined Ronus once, can i register again next time?” Asked Ria, one of the Perona sisters from Jakarta who joined Rona Nusantara Khusus Independence program in Ie Jeureuh Village, Kab. Aceh Jaya on 17-19 August 2018.

The question came out because Ria got an unforgettable impression of the activity which had the aim of inviting Indonesian youth to share while enjoying the natural beauty of Indonesia. Ria is one of 25 Perona sisters who participated in the Rona Nusantara special of Independence Day. “The time is not long enough. Still want to interact with villagers. I also got more lessons, “said the employee of PT Telkom.

After a variety of sharing activities undertaken the day before, Sister Perona was invited to enjoy the beauty of Bumi Serambi Mekkah. In the morning, they visited CRU Sampoiniet Kab. Aceh Jaya to interact and explore information about elephant conservation activities, “It’s really exciting to be able to bathe elephants, then we try to ride elephants too,” said Deska, Perona Sister from Padang.

In addition, the Perona were brought to enjoy the beauty of Lampuuk beach, which is 10 minutes away from Banda Aceh. “Thank you Rona Nusantara, it’s great to be able to get new friends and certainly a pleasant experience,” said Sis Hot, one of the Perona from Medan.


Agustin Santriana / Lailatul Istikhomah

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