BATAM. To know more about the function of the Hospital and the profession of a doctor SD Juara Batam doing Outing Class to Awal Bros Batam Hospital which is located at Jl. Gajah Mada Kav. 1, Baloi Indah, Kec. Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands Province, on Wednesday (11/10).

49 students welcomed by Mrs. Cyntia as PR (Public Relation) Awal Bros Batam Hospitals and several nurses who prepared to reconcile and give direction to the orphaned children and Dhuafa built by Rumah Zakat, “We are always open to people who want to learn challenges health, and things like this is a program that we have arranged in every month, anyone can contact the PR team of Awal Bros Batam Hospital to get such health counseling or hospital tour as it is today. This kind of activity is very positive and can help in educating the next generation of the nation,” said Mrs. Cyntia, PR of Awal Bros Batam hospital.

Participants of Outing Class SD Juara Batam directed toward Eye Policlinic, there was dr. Hafizah, SpM explained about the importance of keeping the eyes as one of the Vital senses to be maintained, “And I prefer children to play bikes, play ball from kids watching TV or playing games because it is healthier for the body, especially the eyes us,” she said.

Mrs. Etrie Finawati as nurse of Awal Bros Batam Hospital also explained some health equipment such as Stethoscope used to hear heart rate, Lungs and pigeon in arteries & Veins and also use the thermometer. Students are also taught the correct hand washing steps of the World Health Organization (WHO) standard by Novita Simbolon as PPI (prevention and infection control) of Awal Bros Batam Hospital.

The students were enthusiast in every practice session like make scramble and lift each hand to check the eyes and practice the medical equipment described by the Doctor who welcomed the Outing Class this time, “Thank you for the willingness to accept us and provide opportunities for SD Juara Batam to learn directly, and together pocket the dream of children, who hopefully become useful generations for others especially in the field of Health” ended Shitrar Fitrotul Al Amin S. Pd.I as the principle of SD Juara Batam.


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