CILACAP (11/23). Gandrungmangu empowered village in Cilacap Regency Central Java has a Reading House which was established by Rumah Zakat Facilitator. Located at the house of Empowered Village Facilitator Ida Ratna Conducting Louncing Reading house called Rumah Baca Cemerlang.

Rumah Baca Cemerlang Program is expected to become non formal educational facility to supplement children after school. This Reading House can be a gathering place for children of preschool children to elementary school to carry out useful activities.

With Rumah Baca Cemerlang, it opens up opportunities and provides facilities for the Village Children to empower them to familiarize themselves with the reading culture that has recently started to leave. As modern technology goes on, interest in reading becomes a little difficult to get used to.

The existence of a Reading House is also expected to be an alternative center for positive activities for local residents because in the future this generation of children will become the next generation of struggle for the nation and religion.

The activity was attended by 19 children. Beginning with the opening, then the socialization carried out included a brief explanation of the objectives and benefits of the reading house. The most awaited event is the material telling from Kak Jamaal about the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. After following a range of material, children are given the opportunity to open and read this collection of books provided at home. At the closing moment a routine activity agreement will be made every week.

Children who want to borrow books, make a credit card so that children can bring home and return next week. And so on so that the books that are available are all useful. Before going home, this activity was ended by reading a prayer and distributing gifts. Hopefully it will be a motivation to keep on encouraging reading culture.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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