TEMANGGUNG, Sunday (01/09). Lego is a popular children’s game, small chunks that can be arranged in accordance with imagination.

On the occasion of the Islamic new year 1st Muharram 1441 H, it also coincided with the timetable of the SINAR Study House in Lingkungan Sroyo, Kel. Madureso, Kec/kab. Temanggung every Sunday afternoon. The study’s supervisor, Mrs. Roziah, held a competition to compile Lego into a mosque.

Learning does not have to always be with books. Lego is a very interesting learning media. With this game, they can recognize colors, practice creativity and can also exercise patience.

After finishing, they are also given the opportunity to present their results. Like from where do they get their inspiration. Then choose the 3 best categories. Then prizes are given according to their championship ranks.

For those who did not win, they do not need to worry, because everyone still gets snacks sponsored by Rumah Zakat.

Hopefully, the activities added the children’s creativity and opened the door to a brighter generation.


Anantiyo Widodo / Hanaa Afifah

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