RZ LDKO CilegonSERANG. Sunday (14/9), Rumah Dunia donated 2 boxes of book to the RZ Cilegon Ekspedition Team. These books will be distributed by RZ Cilegon Expedition Team in Ujung Kulon, Banten, on next Thursday (25/9).

In this expedition, RZ Cilegon Team will implement Islamic forum from mosque to mosque and construct a library for elementary students. In addition to Rumah Dunia, RZ Cilegon also obtained books assistance from Gramedia, Intermedia, and other corporate.

RZ received books assistance directly from PIC of Rumah Dunia, Gola Gong, and Rumah Dunia President, Ibnu Adam Aviciena.

These books will be distributed to SDN Taman Jaya, Sumur, Pandeglang. On the other hand, Adam suggested RZ and SDN Taman Jaya to maintain and keep these books properly. “We hope that these books can be maintained well! We will support it,” he said.***


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