RUMAH WAKAF INDONESIA DAN RZ SUPPORT PEMBANGUNAN JEMBATAN CISEELCiseel Bridge is a suspension bridge that became the main access roads of Linggasari vilage, Ciparay Subdistrict, Cidolog District, Ciamis District for 36 years. Ciseel Bridges has direct impact of more than 700 households.

This bridge separates the three left behind regions with Cidolog subdistrict center namely Sinaraja Lintung Picung and Lingga. Elementary school in Ciparay vilage, middle and high school located in Cidolog as well as economic and health centers located there.

Most of Ciparay villager work as farmers and construction workers, every day residents and school children of that area must struggle against the dangers. If the villagers want to go outside the village they had to pass through Ciseel suspension bridge that has worn and made of bamboo as best they could. So there is no guarantee for safety when passing over it.

Ciseel bridge length of 63 meters was built last in 1980, the bridge once collapsed in 1988 which resulted in 20 residents swept under the swift river. Up to now there is no help from the government to repair the bridge properly. During this time the community work together to replace the floor bridge made of bamboo every week from public funds collected voluntarily.

Therefore, Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI) to be a pioneer in building Ciseel bridge to provide assistance in the form of proper bridge for the people there. Construction began with the groundbreaking on May 23, 2016 last.

Since the first day, RWI has begun to construct boplang, hauling the rocks, and sand. Until now, the construction of the bridge Ciseel still requires funding.

“Alhamdulillah, with the help of RZ donators through least can help reduce the cost requirements for the construction of this bridge, currently the process that has been undertaken is casting the bridge with angkor concrete and steel manufacturing process” Said Nur Shyfa, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation on Sunday (08/11).

In addition to builders, the people there also to help each other and work together in building this bridge because it is a public facility that is shared and has become their dream for a long time to get a proper bridge.


Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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