MYANMAR. The humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat started building the first phase shelter at Balukhali Camp. The shelter is intended for Rohingya refugees who are moved from Teknaf and have no place to live.

The construction of the first phase shelter, Rumah Zakat established a shelter for 20 families. “As the first stage, we built a shelter dedicated to 20 families. We also plan to build another shelter at several points of evacuation location, “added Andri Murdianto, the humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat in Bangladesh.

Refugee conditions in Balukhali Camp are still very limited. The number of shelters in the refugee camps has not been able to accommodate all residents, while the number of refugees there is approximately 50,000 families.

“The condition of the evacuation there is very concerning, there are still many people who have not got shelter yet, so they make the tent only by using black plastic or some kind of trashbag,” said Nurmansyah, one of the humanitarian volunteers at Rumah Zakat, Tuesday (24/10).

Currently, the Rohingya refugees in Balukhali Camp still need many shelters for their place of residence, considering that in the near future it has started to change the weather to winter.

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