SALATIGA. In the city of Salatiga, Rumah Zakat is empowering in 9 urban villages, through community empowered village facilitators, Rumah Zakat empowering community in 4 fields, namely education, economy, health and environment. To support the government program, Rumah Zakat meets with Deputy Mayor Salatiga Muh. Haris, SS., M.Sc at the official office Jl. Sukowati, Salatiga City.

In this meeting Rumah Zakat discussed the progress of alleviating poverty for the people of Salatiga by through a “Empowered Village” (Desa Berdaya) program approach by bringing the spirit of the village to build the nation to optimize the collection of Zakat and Infaq.

“With the spirit of the village building this nation, we want to help make the government program successfull,” said Alamsyah, Branch manager of Rumah Zakat of the Central Java Representative Office.

On this occasion, Deputy Mayor of Salatiga,  Muh. Haris also supports the empowered Village program and hopes that this synergy program will continue and increase.

“Hopefully this synergy can embrace everything for Salatiga who is SMART, Prosperous and Dignified,” said Muh. Haris



Lailatul Istikhomah

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