GARUT. Rumah Zakat accompanied by village head Sindangsari Cigedug has distributed aid to fire victims in Negla village RT 04 RW 02 Ds.Sindangsari Cigedug Garut, Friday afternoon (11/08).

The fire occurred on Thursday (10/08) at 05.00 am which resulted in two houses burnt down, such as the 9×5 M permanent house belonging to Konadin (75) and the 7×5 M sanctuary house belonging to Iman (35), a loss estimated at 110 million. “In the interim investigation the fire was caused by short-circuit of electricity,” said Ayo Sutisna, village head of Sindangsari.

“Fire can be extinguished after local residents and the aid of 3 units of firefighter cars were downgraded to the location,” he added. For a while the victims lived in their brother’s house, until they could rebuild their own houses.

“We are very grateful to Rumah Zakat who has provided assistance to us, may Allah SWT reply to the better ones to its deeds, we also hope Rumah Zakat can be more successful and close to the community,” said Eres’s wife, of one of the victims.

“Hopefully with this fire accident the victims are given patience and Allah would replace it with a better one,” said Wahyu, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Garut.


Newsroom / Wanda Yulianto



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