LEUWIDAMAR. There had been fire accident in Kalang Jaya Village, Ciseumet, Leuwidamar district, Lebak regency on Tuesday (02/08) around 21:00 pm. As a result of the fire 8 units of houses inhabited by about 48 people burned.

The incident occurred by the electric current surge from the house of one of the residents. Because the house was made of wood and roofed from welit, so the fire quickly spread and scorched 8 houses. There were no casualties, but the surrounding community lost material goods.

Rumah Zakat Cilegon mobilized volunteers to conduct distribution on Saturday (05/08) at 14.30 WIB as many as 9 volunteers came to the location of fire. The journey from Cilegon to Lebak takes 3.5 hours with the terrain is quite severe, challenging and steep. Volunteers arrived at the location at 18.00 WIB.

The volunteers donated by Rumah Zakat volunteers include 9 packages of basic food (5 kg of rice, 1 L of oil, Sardine, Sugar), 2 boxes of milk box, 16 packages School equipment (bags, notebooks, pens, pencils), mosques Speakers, microphone, prayer kit, prayer mat, quran & iqro), 1 package of baby kit, as well as worth wearing clothes.

“Hopefully the help will come soon from generous philanthropists who set aside their wealth for us and we are very grateful to the brothers and sisters of Rumah Zakat for their help.” said Saepudin, the local resident.


Newsroom / Dea Sukamra

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