MEDAN. Adeka is one of the ASI (breast milk) cadre at RBG Clinic of Rumah Zakat Medan at Jl. Setia Budi No. 46 Tanjung Sari. This 28-year-old woman is one of the active cadres in the Clinic. Information obtained from RBG Clinic Manager Medan, Doctor Fitria said that two weeks ago, Adeka was sentenced by a doctor suffering Bell’s Palsy disease.

Bell’s Palsy is a disease of paralysis or weakness on one side of the facial muscle that is temporary. This condition caused by one side of the face will look “sag”. This disease has many symptoms such as faces that are not unsymmetrical, eyelids that cannot close perfectly, tasting disorder and numbness sensation on one side of the face.

Once convicted of suffering from Bell’s Palsy, Adeka has to perform various series of treatments such as CT scans and physiotherapy. The treatment was delayed due to economic problems. Until doctor Fitria talked about Adeka’s problem to Rumah Zakat, on Tuesday (25/07), Rumah Zakat as a humanitarian institution provided health assistance in the form of money for Adeka.

“I plan to use the money CT scans first. Thanks to Rumah Zakat and the donors who have provided me this health assistance. I will use this assistance properly, “said Adeka.


Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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