SALATIGA. Through the facilitator of Dukuh empowered village, Sidomukti Sub-district, Salatiga City Rumah Zakat provided assistance of mini speakers or music box to Kusnanto, blind person, Sunday (01/10) at his house. These mini speakers were given to help Kusnanto in memorizing the Quran and listening to Islamic religious studies.

Dwi Pujiyanto, the facilitator of Rumah Zakat said that he wanted to help Mr. Kusnanto who is also one of the priests and preachers in the neighborhood where he lives. He hopes with the mini speaker Mr. Kusnanto can get more references about the religion of Islam that he will preach to the community.

“Mr. Kusnanto for us is extraordinary. Although he is a blind person, he is also a mosque priest and religious speaker. Rumah Zakat took the initiative to provide assistance mini speakers to him so he can learn and add knowledge of Islam that he will preach to the community. Because lately he finds it difficult to get a reference to religious knowledge because the religious-themed braille books he has been submitted to the congregation in his lectures, “said Dwi Pujiyanto.

Kusnanto is a teaching staff at one of Salembiga Special School (SLB) which in October 2017 is full of duty. In order to fill his days after retirement, he intends to increase the recitation of the Qur’an and increase knowledge about Islam, including the Quranic commentary. He thanked Rumah Zakat who has helped mini speakers complete with contents, the Qur’an and recording of Islamic religious studies downloaded from the internet which can be used to fill the days more useful.

“Thank you Mas Dwi from Rumah Zakat who has given this mini speaker. It helps me in learning to memorize the Qur’an and the sciences of Islam. After this my daily activities can be accompanied by playing the Qur’an or study of ustadz in this mini speaker. This tool is very simple I can operate myself without asking for help from others, “said Kusnanto after receiving this assistance.

He also hopes there is regular help from Rumah Zakat for each month. Where he and his friends with blind people in Salatiga City who are members of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Blind (ITMI) also has a study and learning guidance to read the Braille Qur’an every month.


Newsroom / Dani Suhardi

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