PONTIANAK. Rimba (12yo) was a hit-and-run victim when he was about to return home after finishing Friday prayers. At that time he was immediately rushed to RS Antonius Pontianak and experienced a coma. According to doctors, Rimba was diagnosed with head injury and had to perform surgical removal of fluid in the head. Operations should be done through public channels because Rimba’s family does not have BPJS or other health insurance cards.

The current cost to the hospital has reached 100 million. Surely this is very burdensome to both parents to remember the parents of the Rimba did not work. To fulfill the daily needs came from the savings of his father who once worked as a migrant worker and help from local residents.

Alhamdulillah God’s help is there at the right time, a lot of helping hand from the donors to help Rimba, one of which is the help from the donors of Rumah Zakat through The distribution of health assistance to Rimba is done in several stages because the campaign to assist Rimba is still continuing to be rolled out, but some of the funds that we have collected are distributed considering the large of hospitalization cost.

The first stage of distribution was held on Friday (10/11) at RS Antonius Pontianak. On that day Rimba performed a CT scan for the continuation of head operation. The aid is directly given to the hospital and a small portion is used to buy milk and pampers.

Up to now there have been 3 operations and the last operation has been carried out on (13/11). Last update on Wednesday (15/11) when Rumah Zakat team visited him at the Hospital, Rimba condition began to show a good response, there is a gentle movement in the head, the leg area is not tense anymore, the operation hose on the head goes well, visible liquid out from Rimba’s head approximately 1 pocket of handscon. According to the doctor if the fluid that pressed the brain nerves can come out, estimated that Rimba can be conscious. On this Thursday (16/11) Rumah Zakat team will return to visit to distribute Phase II relief funds.

“Thanks donors and Rumah Zakat for the help, it is very helpful to pay hospital cost and Rimba’s milk. May Allah repay all the good “, said Rudi Sulistiyo, father Rimba with great emotion.



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