RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU SARANA AIR BERSIH DI DESA BOJONGSARIPANGANDARAN. Bojongsari Village, Padaherang District, Pangandaran Regency got MCK (Public Toilet) renovation from Rumah Zakat in cooperation with

Bojongsari village, especially Cipari village is prone to drought, but around the MCK there is a dug wells that almost never diminished despite the dry season. But the condition of this MCK already does not meet standards of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS).

The location of MCK is in the public toilets on waqf land owned by Mr. Misjar (68), who allowed to build MCK on his land. “This MCK is never been repaired for 45 years. Alhamdulillah now Rumah Zakat is willing to build toilets for the public, I’m pleased if this land can be used for people to build a MCK , moreover the water here is not receded” he said.

According to local leaders, Mr. Tarso (45) MCK is commonly used for 27 families, when the dry season comes this toilets are often used for 1 RT. In addition water is also used to irrigate the ablution in the mosque around. Most of public toilets in the Bojongsari village area are located in the middle of the plantation, because that’s the location that contains a lot of water sources. That is for anticipating drought when dry season comes.

The renovation of MCK has started since Sunday (12/03) by hiring local residents there. In addition to the renovation of the building is also fitted the engine sump to encourage the water to fill a bathtub ablution. Currently the process of development has reached the stage of wall mounting. It is estimated that the building would complete within the next 3 days.

“Indeed, the problems in our village is public toilets, in some other locations there’s no public toilets. The village is still not able to allocate the budget for it, because road repairing is still the priority.” Said Mr. Dato (46) as the Head of Bojongsari Village. “… .we Would like to thank to the donors of Rumah Zakat which always helps public facilities for our citizens ….”, He added.




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